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  • Dress Code
    • Dress Code Policy

      Traverse City Golf and Country Club is an exclusive, member owned, private country club with the aim of a relaxed, but tasteful dress guideline. The purpose of the dress code is to provide members and their guests with a guide to appropriate dress when visiting the Club. Members are asked to willingly comply with the dress code and to make their family and guests aware of the requirements and ensure that they comply. Attire for men, women, and children is expected to be in good taste.

      Hagen Grill, Hagen Bar (upstairs), 19TH Hole and Patio

      1. All clothing worn must be neat, clean, un-tattered and otherwise orderly. Shirttails must be tucked in except casual shirts which by their design are intended to be worn without being tucked into the pants or skirt.

      2. Dining throughout the year will be informal and casual except for special events which may be designated as formal.

      3. Appropriate golf attire, including shorts, and business casual appropriate denim are permitted.

      4. Golf caps are allowed in the 19th Hole and on the patio deck only.

      Formal Dining Room

      Casual denim jeans and/or skirts are not permitted in the formal dining room, except as may be designated for special events or because of lack of space in other areas.

      Fitness Center

      1. Rubber soled athletic shoes must be worn.

      2. Proper athletic or gym attire must be worn.

      Golf Course

      For ALL Golfers: Shorts are permitted provided they are hemmed and mid-thigh length. Blue jeans/shorts, athletic shorts, swim suits, military fatigues, tank tops, tube tops and racer-back tops are not permitted. Hats and visors to be worn bill forward. All golf shirts should be tucked in while on the golf course or practice facilities. The exception to this rule is shirts with tailored bottoms that are designed not to be worn tucked in.

      For MEN: Collared shirts, turtlenecks and mock-turtlenecks are permitted.

      For WOMEN: Sport blouses, sport shirts, turtlenecks and mock-turtlenecks are permitted.

      The above guidelines apply to all golfers including junior golfers. Please note that all members are responsible for their guests’ adherence to our dress requirements.
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